Relationships Gone Wrong?

Connection. It’s what most if not all humans crave; it’s what we are innately created for. However, connection in relationships doesn’t always go as planned, and many times it is because we can get in our own way. Many times relationships can go south because people are trying to get their needs met in their relationships but not quite knowing how to get them met or how to meet their significant other’s needs.

Many times people wait until things are not going well to call a Marriage Therapist and get help. If people wait until crisis mode to seek help, therapy can take a lot longer than if the relationship was tended to at a much sooner juncture. It has been said that some couples wait 5 years too late before seeking professional help. FIVE YEARS!!

Marriages and relationships do not take care of themselves, they need attention and nurturing, so things do not die off or grow out of control. If you have been trying to improve your relationship on your own, but things have not changed for the better, it is time to do something different. Lots of people try to make changes but get stuck because a lot of times people end up doing the same things over and over, hoping for different results.

I have to say… good for you! Good for you for trying to do something to help the relationship because that means you are not giving up! Maybe you need a few ideas on how to communicate a little differently or make a few changes you hadn’t thought of, and this is where a therapist can step in. Counselors can teach new communication skills, help couples identify strengths, attend to attachment issues, and offer tools for setting clear boundaries.

Let’s see how we can steer your relationship in the right direction! If things are not going well, please call Deborah at (619) 431-1842 today!