​What the heck is EMDR, and how can it help YOU?

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic intervention that was created to help people improve their quality of life when things are not working quite like they would like it to. It has been proven to be very successful in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, panic disorders, disturbing memories, PTSD, and many other emotional problems. The use of EMDR can bring quick and lasting relief of most types of emotional distress through bilateral stimulation (right/left eye movements or tactile stimulation), where both sides of the brain are activated to help release emotional experiences that have become “locked” in the nervous system.

If a person experiences some kind of trauma or intensely troubling situation that is too disturbing for that person to handle in the moment, the person’s mind stores or “locks” the memory of the event with the negative thoughts and feelings associated with it in the nervous system. Because the experience is now “locked,” it can be triggered at any time (even many years afterward) when any kind of reminder of the event is presented in a current situation. This can even show up as a small reminder – such as negative expression on someone’s face or an insensitive comment – which triggers the person’s stored emotions, beliefs, and some physical sensations, like tightness in the stomach or chest. The person isn’t aware the memory that goes along with those negative feelings and thoughts has been activated, so the person doesn’t realize it’s really the “old stuff.” All that person knows is there is a lot of discomfort and he/ she may even feel “out of control” in relation to the present circumstances and not know why – all because unprocessed memories from the past are poisoning the present moment.

With EMDR, the bilateral stimulation can help “unlock” the nervous system by allowing the mind and body to process those old memories and meanings that unknowingly have been stored. Your EMDR therapist creates a safe and supportive environment for a person to explore small bits of information that the brain and nervous system have locked away, and recreate a new resolution or meaning of that event, so it will not stay stuck in the brain. This will lead to a sense of relief and the ability to experience life with less insecurity, anxiety, and or fear, and therefore a life worth living!

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